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Law firms and corporations may have the option of utilizing their own “in-house” recruiter. But – we do this full time – and our database, local and national connections, and industry knowledge, are “at the ready”. Upon understanding the position, your organizational structure, why the need exists and what makes someone successful in your environment, we can immediately tap into a deep reservoir of talent. Our specialized database can save your organization time and money.

Bunt Legal Search offers the flexibility to work with you on a contingency, exclusive or retained search basis.

Many times, the best candidate to suit your needs is not someone who is actively looking for a position. We know who to call and where to call, for a potential fit.

At Bunt Legal Search, we know current market trends and salary guidelines that are competitive.

We maintain strict confidentiality and when necessary can conduct your search without revealing your firm or company name until the appropriate time.

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